Direct Power Coaching are a collection of some of the finest cycling coaches around. The team is led by British Cycling Level 3, multi award winning and BikeEtc magazine guru – Pav Bryan. We have worked with Pav as the coach contributor of our Coaches Blog feature. But we wanted to find out more about the DPC and how they came about.

About Direct Power Coaching

Direct Power Coaching is a team of 5 cycling coaches. The company was originally started by Bike Etc magazine guru Pav Bryan, a British Cycling Level 3 and multi award winning coach. The company had been know as Pav Bryan Cycle Coaching for some time, but then became Direct Power Coaching (or DPC) just over a year ago. Now Direct Power Coaching has a team of 5 coaches and a client base all over the world.
Direct Power Coaching
Pav ‘Expert Insight’ column in Bike Etc Magazine
DPC base the way they work on their passion for you as the client, to succeed in the event or goal you are training for. “Our mission is simple; to help you improve on your terms” says Pav. “We will make the training work for you. We will establish exactly what you need to do in order to reach your goals with the journey, but suited to your commitment and personal commitments”.
Direct Power Coaching
Real world training for real world cyclists.

Our ethos is about real world training for real world cyclists….

Whether you are riding your first sportive, looking to climb the racing categories, aiming to get a new time trial PB, race MTB, Cyclocross, Track or Tri – Direct Power Coaching have everything in place to make sure you are covered! Pav adds “our ethos is about real world training for real world cyclists”.
Direct Power Coaching
Truly Personal Coaching – whatever your discipline.
The coaching that DPC offers is entirely bespoke to each individuals needs, strengths and weaknesses. They tailor their program to fit around your time commitments and your end goals. Pav insists that his team at Direct Power Coaching are 100% committed to providing a “client-centric” journey, by finding the perfect balance between their client’s training and normal life. “Those looking to work for a goal should accept nothing less than total dedication to their success. We are truly personal coaching!”

Behind the Brand

In a little over 6 years, Pav has gone from establishing Pav Bryan Coaching – to growing the business into Direct Power Coaching. Now setting up in the US – we wanted to find out a bit more about his journey. Unfortunately our AATR budget wouldn’t allow for a flight over there, so we sent Pav a few questions which he has kindly answered for us.

Direct Power Coaching
DPC Head Coach – Pav Bryan.
When did you decide that you wanted to get into coaching?
I guess I never really decided to get into coaching, it is just something that happened. When I left school at 19 I was already working a high profile corporate job, where one of the roles was to manage and coach people to be better at their job. After about 7 years of this, I gave it up to pursue something new. It was during this break that I realised I could combine my extensive knowledge and skill in people management and coaching, to the sport I love, cycling, and that is how I became a cycling coach.

Has cycling/bikes always been a passion?

Yes, for sure! As a child I loved it. Adulthood kind of took over for a few years, but I soon came back it!

Who came up with the name – Direct Power Coaching?

My friend Damen did. I had been looking to change the business name from Pav Bryan Cycle Coaching for some time and he thought of this. He later told me that it was really because he wanted to abbreviate it to DPCT and somewhat claim it was Damen & Pav Racing Team!

Do you remember your first client?

Yes absolutely, I can remember all the clients I’ve worked with one-to-one. I have real fond memories of working out of a room at my parents house, utilising a Wattbike to help clients improve technique. I was more of a personal trainer at the beginning I guess, but I wasn’t complaining!

Do you only coach or do you still compete & if so, do you listen to your own advice?

Ha ha, nope! I’m terrible and that’s why I have one of the DPC coaches, Ian, coach me. Even today, after feeling better from my stomach bug, I was ready to get out on the road. Ian just said “rest, 100%”. I know it’s what I’d say to one of my clients too, but we can all be biased with our training! Next up for me is Haute Route Rockies. This is in preparation for my main event of the year which is to break the World Record for the Fastest Ride of Route 66, 2500 miles in under 11 days.

What is the toughest aspect of being a cycling coach?

One of the biggest problems can be that people see their passion, cycling, as something less serious to them, after all hiring a cycling coach is a luxury. Sometimes people don’t understand that it is my living, I get a lot of questions about cycling, I try to answer them all, but sometimes you get that one person who keeps coming back and you just have to have that healthy boundary with people which protects my worth.

What has been your (DPC) proudest moment so far?

I’ve had so many. Probably Fabien winning the National TT for his age group last year. Fastest 15 year old in the country and going from strength to strength. That kid means a lot to me, a great friend and such a nice lad.

So what’s next? In an ideal world – what’s the 3-5 year plan for DPC?

Continue to grow, we went into our 21st country the other day. Latin America and the Middle-East have been great growing markets for us. I want to get more into Australasia too. We have a couple of new coaches starting with us soon, in anticipation of another busy winter. I think that’s a realistic target. We move an office into the US this year and become multi-national, that should cement our position there.

What advice would you give to someone new to business or looking to start their own brand?

Involve other people. Don’t think or try to do everything yourself. While it is possible, sometimes our egos get the better of us and we make foolish decisions. You don’t have to give away part of your business, but an advisor or even business coach will be crucial at the start of your journey. Learn how to market yourself, set out what your brand represents and be true to that. Be positive and know your worth, do not short change yourself. Finally, have fun and be dedicated, you only fail when you quit.

A big thank you to Pav and Direct Power Coaching for taking the time to speak to us. Good luck with that world record attempt. If you would like more information about personal cycle coaching – check out the Direct Power Coaching website. Or follow or Coach’s Blog feature for expert tips.

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