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AATR - All About The Ride - our philosophy when it comes to cycling. Presented by an independently run website and supported by an ever-growing community of cyclists who just love to ride their bike - the way they want to ride it.

Cycling Tips Cycling Solo

Cycling Solo


We all have our preferences when it comes to cycling. Some of us like to hook-up with our cycling club for a gentle Sunday social. Others prefer to smash out…

Cycling Tips

Cycling in the Wind


Some weather conditions are simply not fun to ride in. As cyclists, windy days are one of the worst. Having spent plenty of days battling a headwind on a ‘get…

Clothing Northwave Scream 2 SRS 8.0

Northwave Scream 2 SRS Shoes Review


Northwave Scream 2 SRS are a mid-range, off-road shoe from the Italian firm. They feature a number of Northwave’s trademark technologies and are aimed at “multi-discipline” riders and those keep…

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