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AATR - All About The Ride - our philosophy when it comes to cycling. Presented by an independently run website and supported by an ever-growing community of cyclists who just love to ride their bike - the way they want to ride it.


Buyers Guide to Energy Gels


Energy gels are a pretty common sight in the world of endurance sport – especially cycling. Whether they are being handed out to pro riders from their support vehicles, or…

Cycling Tips

Cycling to Work


More and more people are taking to the bike to get them to their place of work – especially as the weather improves and we head into Summer months. But…

About The Brand

Crotch Guard Skin Care


Dermatect Inc is a New York based and USFDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) registered company who have been researching and producing skin care products since 2004. We reviewed Dermatect…


RiDE Skincare seeks Kickstarter


RiDE Skincare is a new UK-based brand that has launched a Kickstarter project to get their product(s) into production.  The brand consists of 2 products – RiDE Protect: an SPF30 sunscreen…

Nutrition 8.8

Etixx Recovery Shake Review


For those that didn’t know – Etixx is actually the sports nutritional brand of pharmaceutical giants – Omega Pharma. As a company, Etixx Sports Nutrition have good portfolio of products including…

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