Author Lex Spedding

Lex Spedding

A late lover of cycling and now wishing I'd started much earlier and had the time to ride more. I'm resigned to the fact that you have to ride when you can and you make sure it's all about the ride. Now, learning as I go - I try to inspire and encourage others that no matter how far or fast they choose to go - just enjoy the ride.


Sins of Cyclists

Cycling is amazing – fact! There is so much to love about the sport or hobby, or whatever description you choose to give it. But there can also be a…

About The Brand


REDCHILLI™ Bikes is a new British bike brand, based in Axminster in Devon. The business was originally set up in 2010 but traded under a different name. In 2014 the…


Why I Ride Early

When I first convinced myself that my weekend rides needed to start early if I wanted to get a good amount of saddle time in, I didn’t really think it…