Exercise Induced Asthma – riding with it.

By Lex Spedding | Sep 28, 2016

To get to (and out of) where I live, there is a nice rolling ‘down & up’ hill. Its not dramatic but it can bit taxing on a tired morning. The outbound journey will happily let you descend at 30+ mph before kicking up for a 500 meter rise. The […]

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Cycletography – My Definition

By Lex Spedding | Jul 18, 2016

Cycletography is not a real word – not really. But it is such a good word. When I began using cycletography it was a simple reference to photo’s taken when out on a ride, whether that be scenery, a picture of a bike with a nice backdrop or a mid-ride […]

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Sins of Cyclists

By Lex Spedding | Jul 14, 2016

Cycling is amazing – fact! There is so much to love about the sport or hobby, or whatever description you choose to give it. But there can also be a dark side – it can make you moody, lazy, envious and greedy. These are the sins of cyclists. I can […]

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Garmin Edge 820 – what we know so far

By Lex Spedding | Jul 13, 2016

Garmin have announced the release of two new devices for their Edge range. The new Garmin Edge 820 series boasts to be a feature-packed device with some neat new features. The device is not officially released but we thought we’d share some of the features that Garmin say you can […]

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RiDE Skincare seeks Kickstarter

By AATR | Jun 1, 2016

RiDE Skincare is a new UK-based brand that has launched a Kickstarter project to get their product(s) into production.  The brand consists of 2 products – RiDE Protect: an SPF30 sunscreen and RiDE Recover: a post-ride moisturiser. Both products are made with natural and organic ingredients including Jojoba, Coconut oil, Green […]

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Kit I didn’t appreciate until I used it

By Lex Spedding | Mar 24, 2016

When I began to start cycling more seriously a few years ago, I looked at some items of cycling kit and had the opinion ‘what’s the point’. But after using said items, my opinion changed somewhat. Here are 5 items that I didn’t really appreciate until I used. Gilet Lightweight, […]

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Why I Ride Early

By Lex Spedding | Jan 27, 2016

When I first convinced myself that my weekend rides needed to start early if I wanted to get a good amount of saddle time in, I didn’t really think it would stick. But what started as way to get 2 or more hours on the bike as well as get […]

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Hetchin’s Renovation

By AATR | Jan 16, 2016

This blog page explains how I went about renovating an old 1936 Hetchin’s frame given to me by a friend.  The history of the frame itself is told elsewhere on All About The Ride – here. Frame An important first decision was how to approach the work.  A full ‘restoration’ would […]

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Revitalising an ‘old faithful’

By AATR | Dec 27, 2015

This is going to be a blog about how I was given a gift, and a project and an heroic bike, all in one.  And here it is…. Autumn 2015 I had decided not to restore the bike (which would have been much harder to source original parts), but to sympathetically […]

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