You Know You’re A Cyclist

By Lex Spedding | Nov 27, 2015

Having been cycling for a few years now, I have noticed certain traits starting to appear in my day to day life. Some of them are subtle whilst others are a little more obvious – but all are related to cycling. So we thought we’d have some fun and ask […]

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Cycling Through Loss

By Lex Spedding | Sep 30, 2015

It has been a long time since I last wrote a blog post. This post however is something I have wanted to write since last year, although I have chosen to condense the details. 2014 was the most incredible year for me and my family and this blog post whilst extremely […]

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All About The Ride

Join AATR Virtual Cycle Club on Strava

By AATR | Apr 8, 2015

At AATR we have created a virtual cycle club for any cyclists currently using Strava. This means you can be a part of a community of other cyclists no matter your experience level or location. Whether you prefer to head out for long solo rides, short commutes or if you […]

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Commuting by bike – the friendly way

By AATR | Apr 7, 2015

I like commuting by bike. It keeps me fit and makes me feel like I have actually achieved something before my day has really started. To be honest, it’s that main reason I bought myself a new bike just over 3 years ago. My journey is roughly 7 miles each […]

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OneLife iD

OneLife iD Wristbands

By AATR | Mar 13, 2015

My wife is a worrier – I don’t think she’d mind me saying that. In fact I thing she’d be the first to admit it. So when I say that I am going out on my bike, it is ALWAYS greeted with the response “be really careful and call me […]

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War of the Roads

By AATR | Nov 12, 2014

Why do drivers & cyclists just not get on? The ‘war of the roads’ between drivers and cyclists has been rumbling on for years and as cycling increases in popularity as a means of transport, it seems that the hostility between the two sides has also increased. But do both […]

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Diary of a Charity Cyclist – The Glasgow to Norwich Challenge

By AATR | Nov 11, 2014

On the 7th of November 2014, Tim Wickham and 14 Aviva colleagues set off from Bishopbriggs, around 12 miles north of Glasgow in Scotland and began a grueling 4 day cycle ride back to Norwich in Norfolk for the BBC Children in Need charity. The route would take them via […]

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It’s all about the stats……isn’t it?

By AATR | Sep 17, 2014

Okay, be honest now. How often do you get home from a ride and one of the first things you do is send your data to Strava or Map My Ride or Run Keeper etc? I know I do. I love checking out how well I have ridden and if […]

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Life-Cycle balance

By AATR | Jul 21, 2014

My family have embraced and encouraged my passion for cycling (although my wife might call it an obsession) since I started a few years ago. Every now and then I need to be given a reality check before investing in a new item that is more of a ‘nice to […]

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