RiDE Skincare seeks Kickstarter


RiDE Skincare is a new UK-based brand that has launched a Kickstarter project to get their product(s) into production. 

The brand consists of 2 products – RiDE Protect: an SPF30 sunscreen and RiDE Recover: a post-ride moisturiser. Both products are made with natural and organic ingredients including Jojoba, Coconut oil, Green Tea and Shea butter. Tom Marshall – the man behind Ride Skincare tells us that they have “spent over two years developing, testing and tweaking the products in a range of environments and conditions, including up mountains and in the sea”.

The Products

RiDE Protect is an SPF30 Sunscreen which uses mineral filter – Titanium Dioxide instead of synthetic filter against UVA and UVB rays. This is because unlike chemical filters which soak into the skin – mineral filters sit on top of the skin and reflect harmful rays. “This means you are protected as soon as you apply and the barrier formed will also protects against wind burn.”

RiDE Recovery is a post-ride skincare. Its made with natural preservatives so it is kind to sensitive skin. Recover contains Aloe Vera and Green Tea and designed to work with the skin by re-hydrating and moisturising it.

The Kickstarter Campaign

RiDE Skincare hopes to raise £7,000 through Kickstarter in order to help get their products into production. Pledges start from just £3 and RiDE are offering pledge rewards, from a BIG thank you shout out, to discounted tubes of the products, exclusive RiDE t-shirts and baseball caps.

We are a bit behind the party as RiDE Skincare launched their Kickstarter on the 24th October. But for more details or to make a pledge – click here.

We wish Tom and RiDE Skincare the best of luck from AATR.


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