You Know You’re A Cyclist


Having been cycling for a few years now, I have noticed certain traits starting to appear in my day to day life. Some of them are subtle whilst others are a little more obvious – but all are related to cycling. So we thought we’d have some fun and ask some of our cycling family on social media for a few suggestions;

You know you’re a cyclist when….

  1. You know you’re a cyclist – when driving, you look in your mirrors and shout “car up”.
  2. You know you’re a cyclist – when wearing Lycra tights and in shorts, with a pad – and no pants, whilst riding on 25mm thick tyres, at 20mph is comfortable and absolutely normal – nothing wrong with that at all.
  3. You know you’re a cyclist – when any suggestions of shoe shopping instantly means SPD, Look or Speedplay.
  4. You know you’re a cyclist – when walking, you find yourself speeding up to bridge to the group walking ahead of you.
  5. You know you’re a cyclist – when you signal with your arm which way you’re turning you’re trolley, whilst shopping in the supermarket.
  6. You know you’re a cyclist – when walking, you point out hazards like gravel/sand or potholes whilst saying “loose middle” or “hole left”.
  7. You know you’re a cyclist – when you find yourself stretching out your calves and quads whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or toaster to pop.
  8. You know you’re a cyclist – when using words like chapeau, roubaix material, bonk, Strava, chamois, electrolytes, lube, clincher, lumens, etc, become perfectly acceptable in conversations with family members. Of course they know what the hell you’re on about.
  9. You know you’re a cyclist – when holidaying with the family you say at least five times – “wish i’d bought my bike” or “I’d love to give this climb/descent a go on my bike”.
  10. You know you’re a cyclist – when you feel perfectly comfortable riding a bike in clothes and shoes that are so bright they’d give the 80’s a headache. Or have more logo’s and branding than a House of Fraser catalogue.
  11. Lastly and possibly my favourite………You know you’re a cyclist – when someone asks you your plans for the weekend and you respond in miles/kilometres!

Thank you to our social media friends for chipping in with some great answers. I am sure that you can probably think of a few more so pop some in the comments and as long as they are clean and publishable – we’ll post them.

Ride safe!

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A late lover of cycling and now wishing I'd started much earlier and had the time to ride more. I'm resigned to the fact that you have to ride when you can and you make sure it's all about the ride. Now, learning as I go - I try to inspire and encourage others that no matter how far or fast they choose to go - just enjoy the ride.

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