My wife is a worrier – I don’t think she’d mind me saying that. In fact I thing she’d be the first to admit it. So when I say that I am going out on my bike, it is ALWAYS greeted with the response “be really careful and call me if you have any problems”. Although this response has become almost as routine as putting on my shorts, it did get me thinking about my own safety when I’m on my bike and the question ‘what happens if…..?’

Most of my rides are solo. Not because I am unsociable, but because having a young family means that I ride when I can. This is usually very early morning or later in the evening. I tend to ride on quieter, country roads because there is less traffic to contend with except for perhaps the occasional car or tractor maybe. I always carry a fully charged mobile with me in case of an emergency or an un-repairable mechanical. But in the event of an accident where I cannot use my phone or worse, I am unconscious, my OneLife iD gives me and my family some piece of mind that any ‘first responders’ will have instant access to important information such as emergency contacts and medical details. I am lucky in that I don’t have any known medical conditions such a diabetes or allergies to medicines but many do. So for any paramedics or medical professionals needing to administer treatment at the scene, having the most important details on your wristband or an ID tag is invaluable.


OneLife iD wristband


The thing I like about the OneLife wristbands is the choices you have for both the band itself and the option of having a black or traditional stainless steel tag. The wristband is made of 19mm wide silicon and is extremely comfortable to wear. Mine is a Squadra ID which has an adjustable clasp fixing so that it does up securely – rather like a watch. The underside of the wristband has numbered grooves which allows you to set the size that you want your band to be, cutting away any excess. This makes the OneLife iD wristbands suitable for just about any wrist size. There is a great selection of colours too. Single colour bands for coordinating with your kit or your bike, to black bands with a coloured stripe. And for the lovers of anything fluorescent there is even a super-bright ‘Lumo iD’ range which include neon green, pink or orange.

When it comes to the ID tag, you can customise the details that you want available. Starting with either a ‘text’ ID or a more discreet QR Code option (this requires a smartphone with a QR reader app). I can understand that having a QR Code option means your personal information remains private and can only be accessed with a QR Code reader but I opted for the text version. This is quite simply because I only need my emergency contact details displayed and don’t have any known medical conditions to make a ‘responder’ aware of. Once you have ordered your ID, you will be sent a link where you can set up your profile page. This is where your QR Code or website ID will link to. The setup is a little confusing at first as you can pretty much choose what information you want to add but the help section is very useful should you get lost. You can choose which pieces of information you would like to be publicly visible on your profile and you can also create a mobile I.C.E (in case of emergency) screen and add a photo.


OneLife iD


All wristbands come with a ID carrier alert sticker which can be applied to your bike or helmet. I chose to buy an additional pack of 5 stickers for just £2.00 so that I could apply these to a second bike and my cycle helmet. The stickers are a standard white and green colour but it would be good to see different colour options for these too. As well as the I.C.E. alert stickers you can also buy a large sticker pack which consists of 14 (7 emergency red label PIN access & 7 green label lost/found) stickers.

In addition to the ID wristbands I think it is important to mention that OneLife iD offer a whole range of other ID and medical ID products including keyrings, dog tags with neck chain, mobile phone cases, ID cards and luggage tags. All of these come with a unique QR Code and the option of adding text information on the reverse.


OneLife iD


For some riders, they are happy to just go out for a ride and not think too much about the ‘what happens if……’! Whilst others are happy to carry a driving license or another form of photo identification on their ride. For me, my OneLife iD wristband give me the freedom to go for a ride without needing to take important photo ID that may get lost or damaged. And for my family it gives peace of mind that should anything serious happen on my bike, I can be identified and they can be contacted immediately.

I am pleased to say that to date my ID has not been required but I am happy to have it on every ride.

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  1. These look like a good way to keep some id on you. If you think “I don’t need this, I always ride with a group” let me pass on a story from our club last year. As our regular Sunday morning club run drew close to the coffee stop, one of our group decided that he wanted to do a bit more and peeled off on his own. He got about 500 metres before collapsing with a fatal heart attack, unknown to anyone in our group. He was quickly found by a passing motorist, still clipped in to his bike, but with no id. It took until about 5pm for his wife to be traced. From now on we all carry id with us.

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