When I first joined Twitter in March 2016, one of the first handles I discovered was AATR Cycling (All About The Ride) and a blog on Cycletography.  As a keen amateur photographer, this appealed to me straight away – combining two of my passions: cycling and photography, with an outlet to share photos.  In our digital age of the here and now, people don’t seem to show their holiday snaps over coffee any longer.  Snap it, tweak it and post it online, seems to be de rigueur.  For those not familiar with the term – ‘cycletography’ is any photo to do with cycling. It can be taken from a bike, be a photo of a bike (or any part thereof) or anything mildly associated with bikes.

When I started cycletography, I was happily snapping away at scenic views, but if you happen to cycle the same routes it tends to be the same views, and there are only so many times people want to see the view from the top of Butser Hill!  The other ‘problem’ that could be perceived with this activity is that you generally have to stop cycling to take a photo.  And believe me, fellow cyclists quickly run out of patience when you are stopping every 10 mins shouting ‘photo opportunity’.

So I tend to indulge in cycletography when I am cycling on my solo rides – just me, my Bianchi and the camera (or in my case, iPhone).  What I have found is that cycletography has made me look at cycling a bit differently.  Whilst I love to go out and see if I can get those Strava segments, tackle that hill or just blast it down the country lanes, cycletography brings on a new dimension to my solo cycles.  It makes me explore new places, appreciate the scenery, the changing seasons and vast array of colours nature presents to us.  It makes me slow down, to look for new photo opportunities, use the sun to look for reflections and look for different perspectives in things.  It challenges me to look at regular routes to discover new things, or things I haven’t noticed before.  It keeps my interest up on cold winter days or bad weather, when it would be all too easy to stay indoors and not bother; what different photo opportunities our wonderful, changeable English weather presents us with!  It gives me a kick when I post photos online and people comment about the great photography or say they are inspired by the places I go to.  It gives me chance to record in picture the wonderful journeys and adventures I go on.

So, in answer to the question ‘Is Cycletography the Answer?’ – for me yes.  It keeps my interest up when I am struggling to get motivated, it takes me to new places, and most of all, it increases my pleasure of being on my bike and cycling.  If you haven’t tried it, give it a go – you will be amazed how much you start to appreciate your surroundings and also inspire others with your posts.

Is Cycletography the Answer

Thank you to everyone who indulges me in my cycletography.  I hope you continue to enjoy my photos. Fellow cycletographers, please continue to post your photos.  I love seeing where other people are cycling and take a lot of inspiration from your photos, particularly on the cold, wet days when I need the extra motivation to get outside.

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