How to be your own coach – because why wouldn’t I help you make people like me redundant…! In this article I’m going to coach you through how to make the most of self-training and turn you into your own Coach!

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How to Setup your Training Plan…

Because you have to start at the beginning! Preparation is key and will prevent poor performance later on. Get an early start too. Plan as soon as possible, think about what you want to achieve next year/season and once you’re finished with the current years goals then it’s time to set in motion the plan for next year, even if that is a short break from structured training to let your mind and body relax.

In my blog How to Setup your Training Plan… I give you my top ten tips to ensuring that you get your training plan setup right, the first time!

It is worth me noting that you might end up changing it. But having this overall outline is what is going to put the structure into your training. Without it you might end up doing sporadic, junk training and regretting it later!

Heart Rate or Power…

If you’re training using just heart rate, you might be in the minority right now! It’s no problem though as many successful cyclists over the years have trained and raced with just this method of measurement.

In my blog Heart Rate or Power… I will give you several reasons why it is your time to upgrade, including a nice offer at the end!

But if you’re still not convinced then no worries. You can still follow all of this guidance. In fact, this has been put together so you could follow it using Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) alone!

How to Monitor Fatigue…

Fatigue comes in a couple of forms, acute fatigue from after a hard training session, or chronic fatigue which is built up over a longer period of time. The latter is the troubling one because it might be very hard to spot. Measurements are not sudden and can accumulate over time, making asking yourself ‘how do I feel today’ almost obsolete as you might not notice how fatigued you are.

In my blog How to Monitor Fatigue… I will share with a great app and my process, that I request my clients to use. It makes the whole process much, much simpler!

It might just save your season… you can thank me later…!

Ultimate Recovery Guide…

There is no such thing as over-training just under-recovering. You can do all the quality training, but without allowing that adaptation that occurs during recovery, it is for nothing.

In my Ultimate Guide to Recovery I give you everything you need in order to maximise the chance you have of being 100% for you next session. There’s a few products I recommend but it’s mainly just common-sense put into practise.

Remember, the quicker you recover, the quicker you improve…

How to Train Using Zones…

Structured and targeted training requires you to know certain factors about your performance. Once you know those factors you can use years of scientific research to determine specific intensities to train at in order to promote an adaptation in your body, which will then help you reach your goals.

In my blog How to Train Using Zones… I go through a few ways to set them, what each zone looks like and what adaptation you are looking for when training at that intensity.

No more junk miles!

Training Pyramid…

Now you know how to train using zones it’ll help if you can ensure your specific sessions are spot on too. The intensity of the session isn’t the only thing to consider, how about time at intensity, frequency of recovery?

In my blog The Training Pyramid… I coach you through how to structure your individual sessions. Getting this right might mean better recovery, not just within the session itself so you get the most from it, but in general.

No need to flog yourself to death so you then need a week off…

Ideal Training and Recovery…

Now you know more about individual session structure you will need to start stringing those rides together into something bigger. This is where knowing about how much training, or more accurately how much recovery, your body can take before something gives is useful.

In my blog Ideal Training and Recovery… I coach you through exactly what you might need in order to continue to improve session on session, week on week, month on month, and so on!

Never plateau again!

How to Improve Power Output…

If you’re new to cycling or even structured training then you might see gains very quickly (you should be – talk to us if not!) but even if you have been training a while and/or coached then it might be harder (checkout this page and look for Mathis’s story!).

In my blog How to Improve Power Output… I coach you through almost every step you might need to address in order to see gains.

I have the power! And I’m willing to share some with you ;)…

What to do on Base Rides…

You might not need to be doing longer base miles, what are your targets, do they warrant that? Unsure? Ask us! But if you do need to do them, what could you be doing that will keep you interested and help you see considerable gains?

In my blog What to do on Base Rides… I coach you through some really crucial, yet sometimes missed, factors that you can incorporate into your easier days.

See big gains, even when training easy!

Why Include Core & Leg Strength Training…

Simple! You will apply your power more efficiently, evenly and in greater amounts. You will be more comfortable and capable of riding your bike longer duration. You will also be mentally fresher from doing something other than riding your bike.

Need more reasons? Well what about it being functional in day-to-day life too? Better movement and reduce the impact of ageing on your body!


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