Hiplok are a UK based company who are as passionate about  protecting bikes as they are riding them. The company’s portfolio of products is an impressive and innovative range for securing bikes both at home or out and about. We picked up the super compact Hiplock FLX bike lock for a test. 

The Technology

The Hiplok FLX is a combination, cable lock – but with a few added features. The compact casing is made from plastic which keeps the lock lightweight. Inside the lock is a 1 metre retractable cable which is made from braided steel. The locking mechanism is a 3 digit combination which can be personalised and reset.

Hiplok FLX bike lock

The Hiplok FLX features the brands trademark CLIP & RIDE system. This is a large clip attached to the back of the lock.  This allows you to clip the lock to bags and rucks or jersey pockets and belts (if you’re not riding in bib shorts). The FLX is an update from the Hiplok FX model. It has the addition of a 10 Lumen rear LED with two modes (flash or steady). This replaces the reflective strip on the FX lock. The light requires 2 LR44 watch batteries (these are included) which sit underneath weatherproof rubber seal.

Hiplok FLX bike lock
10 Lumen LED light has both seatd and flash modes for increased visibility.


In Use

The Hiplok FLX bike lock is available in black or white colour options. I have been using the black lock for a few weeks now, mainly on commutes. I’ve been able to test it  clipped to both cycling jerseys and my rucksack. My initial feeling was that in spite of the £29.99 price – the lock felt a little bit cheap out of the packet. It is very plasticky and left me wondering how strong it would be. But on closer inspection, the casing is solidly put together and is up to taking a few knocks. The lock is incredibly compact and lightweight. It’s thin shape means it is not intrusive when it’s clipped into a jersey pocket. However, the clip doesn’t really clasp tight enough. I found it didn’t really hold in place when gripped to a cycling jersey. It works slightly better when it’s clipped to a bag strap or a belt, but it just feels like its slightly missing a trick. The last thing you want is to go over a bump and hear the lock hitting the ground behind you.

Hiplok FLX bike lock
Super-slim design makes the Hiplok FLX very pocket friendly.

The combination is automatically pre-set to triple zero and you can change this to your own code. I tried doing this using the provided instructions was not very helpful. In the end I had to refer to the instructional video on the Hiplok website. Once the combination is set, the locking/unlocking function is simple and the cable is held firmly in place.

Hiplok FLX bike lock
The 3 digit combination and cable work well – once you have worked out how to set the combination.

It is important to remember that this lock is not designed to be high-security device. Nor does it have a Sold Secure certification. If you are thinking of leaving your bike somewhere unattended for a reasonable length of time – this is not the best lock for you. Instead the lock is (in the words of the designers), is a deterrent lock or cafe style lock. It is suited to those wanting to deter opportunist thieves, or leave their bike on a mid-ride shop or cafe stop. Or maybe as additional security for commuters. The 1 metre retractable cable is thin, but the plastic coated, braided steel should be enough of a deterrent to an ‘opportunist thief’.

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Hiplok FLX Bike Lock Review Conclusion

The idea of a bike lock suggests heavy and cumbersome device. The Hiplok FLX bike lock is the exact opposite. It’s most important feature of security is good, albeit very basic. The FLX lock is well put together, despite the plastic casing and feels suitably robust. I really like inclusion of the 10 Lumen rear LED light and this is a nice enhancement over the reflective tab on the Hiplok FX. The CLIP feature is great in it’s idea but I found it a little disappointing in use. It just doesn’t seem to clasp tight enough. This isn’t so much of a problem if you are carrying the lock on a belt or maybe a backpack strap. However, I was more at ease carrying it IN a jersey pocket – rather than clipped onto a pocket. I feel that the £29.99 RRP is a little high. However, I really like the lock overall and if you are able to find it discounted, it is a worthwhile investment for any cyclist.

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Hiplok FLX Bike LockHiplok FLX Bike Lock available from:

Wiggle – from £23.45

Evans Cycles – from £24.99



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