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US cycle accessory pioneers Lezyne have been coming up with innovative product ideas for cyclists since 2007. With riders like professional trails specialist Danny MacAskill and professional teams like Lotto Belisol and Specialized Lululemon endorsing their brand, they have built up a reputation for producing high quality accessories. Even the simplest products are made to a high standard like the Lezyne Caddy Sack.

It’s Just a Bag Isn’t It?

Lets face it, the Lezyne Caddy Sack looks essentially like a posh wash bag or ‘man bag’ for cyclists but for all of its simplicity, it is actually a good little product. If you are heading out for your early Sunday morning ride and you have read our Cycle Survival Kit guide, you will probable find that your saddle bag is crammed with spare tubes, repair kits, Co2 inflation pump, etc. But you haven’t room for your phone, keys and wallet. A jersey pocket is fine but the changes are you have filled these with a gilet or rain jacket and your nutritional products for your ride. In steps the Lezyne Caddy Sack.

Lezyne Caddy Sack

We tested the medium version but you can also get a small version. The medium has dimensions of 180 x 130mm and a carry load of 0.70L. It is made from PVC fabrics with internally welded seams. This gives it a stiff feel and means it holds its shape when filled. It’s thin profile means that it also holds items securely as well with not to much movement. The closure is a thick and strong Velcro strip which seals when the wide opening is rolled down. All of these specific design features make for a very waterproof case. In the medium Lezyne Caddy Sack that we tested, we were able to fit a smartphone with a 5″ screen, a set of keys, a spear Co2 cartridge and enough cash for a café stop. This all then sat nicely in one pocket. Okay it is a little bulky and when full, its not the lightest thing to carry but it is a lot less bulky than carrying a phone, wallet, keys and anything else you need separately.  The small has dimensions of 145x 110mm and a carry load of 0.45L. This is nice and compact and may appeal to some but in today’s world of smartphone technology and screen sizes where bigger is once again better, we found the small to be a little too sung when we tried to fill it with the same items. However, just a phone (depending on dimensions) and cash will fit nicely.

Lezyne Caddy Sack Review Conclusion

So lets be absolutely honest here. In all reality, the Lezyne Caddy Sack is not the most essential piece of equipment that you may need when cycling and for some it may be more of a ‘nice to have’ than a must have. But we like this product. Being completely unorganized and often forgetting to take my wallet or cash on a ride with me, I really like this product. It means that I can put all of the things that I don’t need whilst pedaling mid-ride, in one place and out of the way until I need them. As we said earlier in the review, when full it isn’t necessarily the lightest item but when stuffed into the centre jersey pocket (assuming you have 3) you won’t really notice it. Its waterproof element is excellent and gives you peace of mind that your phone and essentials will stay dry in the event of a sudden down-pour. We think that an RRP of £8.99 is reasonable for a bag that is reusable over and over again but Evans Cycles and Wiggle both have 15% off at the time of this review. All in all this is a simple but well thought out product that has a ‘why not’ price tag.

9.5 Excellent

A waterproof, jersey friendly way to carry your mobile, cash and other essentials in one place instead of multiple jersey pockets.

  • Value 10
  • Design 9
  • Performance 9
  • Quality 10

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