It’s no secret that we are big fans of Lezyne products. The US accessory giants produce not only well made practical products but also good looking ones too. From their super-bright, sleek looking LED lights to their practical organizers like the Lezyne Caddy Sack we recently reviewed. Another product line in the Lezyne portfolio is their impressive range of multi-tools. With over 20, yes 20 variations across 9 models, there is a multi-tool for just about every type of cyclist. With so much choice, we have been testing one of the CRV models.

Right Tools For The Job?

Having personally used the neat little Lezyne V5 tool for a few years now, I was looking forward having a play with the all-rounder friendly Lezyne CRV12 multi-tool. The CRV range come in two options, 12 & 20. The CRV12 which we tested has six hex (allen) keys including 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8mm. There is a Phillips-head screwdriver, a T25 Star key & the part I really like, the chain breaker for 9, 10 & 11 speed chains. The chain breaker also houses 3 spoke wrenches which are cut nicely into the cast steel attachment. There is a 3.22, a 3.45 and a specialized Mavic MTv fitting.

Lezyne CRV12 Multi-Tool

As we stated earlier, we think the Lezyne products look good and their multi-tools are no different. The CRV multi-tools are made from two light-weight, forged aluminium side plates that have a nice matte finish. These are clamped onto a pair of forged pivots allowing the tools to rotate a full 360° which aids leverage in use. The attachments or ‘bits’ are Chrome vanadium with nickle plating for increased strength. The last thing you want is for the hex key you are using to snap mid-turn whilst tightening an essential component. All of this come with a nice (although a little sung) black sleeve to protect the bits.

With dimensions of 51 x 67 x 27mm, some may find the CRV tools a little wide to hold but the basic construction and light-weight materials keeps the Lezyne CRV12 at an impressively light 115g (claimed). The CRV20 comes in slightly larger and heavier at 150g (claimed) but includes a serrated blade, a bottle opener, a flat head screwdriver and a tyre lever. Its probably better suited for a tour ride than a training or club ride.

Lezyne CRV12 Multi-Tool Review Conclusion

As we have previously stated in our Cycle Survival Kit article, a multi-tool is an essential item for cyclists, this is a fact. With so many variation and tool options it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. But the Lezyne CRV12 multi-tool does a good job of incorporating the essentials. Well thought out in design and tool bits, it is hard to find a fault, other than perhaps the tight fitting protection sleeve. Having been caught out in the past with a snapped chain and no chain-link tool mid-ride, I really like the inclusion of a chain breaker tool which works smoothly. With an RRP of £24.99 but Wiggle offering 10% and CRC 15% off (at the time of this review), it is a well priced tool and the quality outweighs the cost. All in all, this tool gets a thumbs up from us.

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