Let’s face it, a good quality bike maintenance stands is not the cheapest things to buy. However, if you are wanting to index your gears, fit a new chain, clean your pride and joy, or you just want a place to stand your bike – LifeLine have come up with a neat little stand that should meet a lot of your needs.

Making a stand

When I unpacked the LifeLine Mini Bike-Maintenance Stand, I was taken aback by how small it was. Measuring around 24inches (60cm) tall, the stand lifts the back wheel off of the ground by around 2.5 inches. Just enough to make adjustments to your derailleur or chain and still turn the wheel. Putting it together was simple, so much so that my 4 year old did it – I simply tightened the nuts and bolts. The assembly process took approximately 3 minutes. Once built, you can see that the stand’s compact size means that it is ideal for standing your bike up at home or in the garage or maybe at races and events.

LifeLine Mini-Maintenance Stand

The LineLine Mini Bike-Maintenance stand has a wide two footed base, giving good stability and support. However the feet at the rear of the stand are much less supportive. I guess this is to make the stand as compact as possible for storage, but does mean it is important to make sure the stand is on a flat surface and is as wobble-free as possible – or you could end up picking your bike up of the floor. The vertical stand has 2 plastic covered hooks of which the top one is set at a fixed height and the bottom can be set to a choice of 6 different heights, depending on the frame size. These hooks lift and support the bike by the seat and chain-stays, making the stand versatile enough to support a range of bikes from 700c road bikes to 26″ and even 29″ mountain bike frames. A negative I found is that on some wheels like the Fulcrums in the pictures, the hooks caught some of the spokes as the wheel spun. But this was down to positioning the bike properly.

LifeLine Mini-Maintenance Stand

LifeLine Mini-Maintenance Stand Review Conclusion –

This is a pretty short review for us but to be honest, there isn’t much you can say about this product. For what it is and what it is designed to do, it works. I have used the LifeLine Mini Bike-Maintenance stand for cleaning my bike, indexing and adjusting my gears, fitting a chain. It even gets used to stand my bike up when I perform my pre-ride bike checks. It’s small and very simple to put together. It will support your road and mountain bikes and most bikes in between but make sure it is on a flat surface. LifeLine are a UK manufacturer and their products are sold exclusively by Wiggle so when it comes to pricing, the Wiggle list price of £9.99 is the best. And to be fair, is a bargain. In summary, if you are looking for a simple, lightweight stand for basic gear fixes, cleaning your bike and standing it up in your garage – this is for you.

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