Livall was originally founded in 2014 by Brian Zheng – a Scientific Information and Technology major. The company established its headquarters in China and developed the worlds first fully integrated Bluetooth smart helmet. Now just 4 years on, Livall has a range of Bluetooth smart helmets and accessories. We have been testing the Livall BH60SE Bluetooth helmet with Bling remote control.

The Technology

Where do you start with the technology – there is a lot of it. The Livall Bluetooth helmet has a whole host of technical functions designed to improve rider safety. The BH60SE helmet is available in black or white. The outside has 24 well sized vents to aid cooling. At the rear of the helmet there are concealed LED lights and indicators.

Livall BH60SE Bluetooth Helmet

These are fully integrated into the helmet. So when the the lights are off or during daylight – these remain discreet. The integrated speakers are positioned either side of the helmet’s underside. Whilst this does cause the shape of the helmet to flare out perhaps a bit more than average, the helmet still remains relatively sleek in its design. The speakers and microphone are both windproof, allowing you to hear and be heard whilst travelling.

Livall BH60SE Bluetooth Helmet

The helmets internal cradle tightens at the rear with a good-sized dial. Although the helmet is only available in one size 54-62cm. So some may require more tightening than others. Inside the helmet, the padding is plump and well positioned. The comfort is noticeable when riding. The Nylon chinstrap also includes a padded sheath which covers the clip fastening.

Livall BH60SE Bluetooth Helmet

The Bling handlebar remote is nice and compact. It connects with a simple rubber loop – similar to many bike lights. Although it is compact, the remote does control a number of functions. Once you have synced the controller with you Livall Bluetooth helmet, you are able to control the helmet’s light activity – such as indicating. The controller also allows you to answer calls and even take photos – when synced to your smartphone.

Livall BH60SE Bluetooth Helmet

The Livall remote control takes a coin cell cr2032 battery. This is much the same a GPS computer sensors and our test model came with this included.

In Use

I hold my hands up and say that I was always going to be skeptical about testing this helmet. I am very much for cycling safety and the use of bike lights. But I have always been less convinced about listening to music whilst cycling. The Livall Bluetooth BH60SE makes for a good argument though. The whole helmet has been well thought out. The helmets shape may not be as sleek as the likes of the Giro Synthe or as aero as the MET Manta, but Livall have manages to shoehorn a heap of functions into a less-than-obvious shell.

Livall BH60SE Bluetooth Helmet

Overall the helmet is very comfortable, weighing in at just over 280g. However, I found the helmet to be a little on the big side. My head measures 58cm and this felt quite big. It seems rare to find a ‘one size fits all’ helmet these days and I think a bit disappointing in this case. Luckily I was able to crank the tightening dial up enough for the helmet to hold securely. The power button for the helmet sits at the front, next to the microphone and micro USB charge point. The rubber buttons also include volume controls. When you hold the button, the “power on” is confirmed by a robotic female voice. The lights flash at the rear and once connected to the handlebar remote, the helmet beeps. Unfortunately, I spent a long time trying to connect the remote control to the helmet – despite the simplistic instructions. I seem to spend more time frustratingly switching the helmet on and off. However, once connected for the first time, there were not further issues with this.

Livall BH60SE Bluetooth Helmet

The sound and call quality of the Livall BH60SE Bluetooth helmet was better than I expected if I am honest. It is not going to match your BEATS headphones plugged into your MP3, but it serves its purpose. When riding at speed, the wind interference is minimal but present. This is thanks to the position of both microphone and speakers. If you download the free compatible Livall app, the helmet is opened up to a number of additional features including a GPS ride app/tracker, Bluetooth heart rate monitor and cadence sensor connectivity. It will even connect with your Strava account. Perhaps the most important feature is the built in SOS alert. If the helmet detects a fall or crash, it will initiate a 90 second countdown. If this is not cancelled, the app will send an alert with your location – to your emergency contact. This does require you to sign up and this function uses your mobile GPS and data (so charges may apply). A word of caution – with the helmet connecting to the mobile app, this does drain your phones battery significantly quicker than usual. The app will also let you set up a group which will allow you to use the walkie talkie function with another Livall BH60SE Bluetooth helmet user.

Livall BH60SE Bluetooth Helmet Review Conclusion

Livall have clearly spent a lot of time thinking about this helmet. It is well made and feature packed. I’m not overly keen on how it looks when it is on – but that is more about personal taste. The design is sleek and the 24 vents provide good airflow. I am impressed with the comfort, although the one size fits all doesn’t really work these days. Especially with something important like a cycle helmet – where fit is paramount. When it comes to the Bluetooth connectivity I was pleasantly surprised. After the initial niggles of syncing the helmet with the Bling handlebar remote, the functionality works well. Quality of the speakers and voice calls is better than I expected and the combination of the free app is a nice feature. I really like the crash alert feature – just remember to cancel the countdown if you’ve put the helmet down at the coffee stop. I am not saying that I would buy this helmet personally as I don’t think I would use many of its features. But at £99 rrp – this is a great helmet for commuters, technology obsessives or maybe those new to cycling.

Livall BH60SE Bluetooth HelmetLivall BH60SE Bluetooth Helmet available from:

Cycle Republic – £99

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  1. That’s a lot of tech to put on your bonce! Love the emergency contact alert, and the lights are great for winter too. I’d love to listen to music on the road, it always makes you work harder. Can people hear what you’re listening to?

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