A small, lightweight with a great price tag and impressive glow is how we would some up this rear light in a few simple words. But at AATR we like go a little further than a few simple words. Read our full Moon Crescent rear light review.
Weighing in at a tiny 20g, the Moon Crescent R rear light produces a pretty bright glow for one so small. It’s not just its weight that is impressively small, the water resistant plastic casing measures 70 x 19.5mm and is just 12.4mm thick. Housed inside is lithium rechargeable battery. This powers 15 super-bright, micro LED’s to a maximum of 25 lumens. The Crescent rear light comes complete with a rubber strapped, quick release mount which conveniently adjusts between 22 and 31.8mm to accommodate most seat posts. This is a strong fastening an seems to hold firm. The quick release connection allows connection vertically or horizontally. The rear light has 3 steady modes which offer Standard, High and the aptly named Over drive. However the mode you choose will
significantly alter the run-time.

Rechargeable Rear Light

Moon Crescent rear light reviewIt seems as though more bike light manufacturers are turning to USB rechargeable lights. Moon have followed the trend with its latest micro USB offering in the Crescent. The 300mAh (3.7V)

lithium polymer rechargeable battery, when plugged into a computer has a charge time a little over 2 hours. This can be faster if you charge the LED light via a wall charger. Whilst USB rechargeable lights are convenient, you do need to remember to charge them. There is blue LED under the rubber on/off button to warn when the battery is low. As we stated earlier in the review, the 3 modes offer varying run-times which we have demonstrated in the smart little table below.

[table id=1 /]

The main purpose for buying a rear bike light is to make sure you can be seen, especially if you are commuting. The Moon Crescent Rear LED light offers excellent 180° visibility, especially from behind.

Moon Crescent rear light review conclusion

Having used and tested this light for a couple of months now, our Moon’s Crescent rear light review found it to be an excellent little product that we really like. Its 15 LED’s and 180° visibility offer a powerful red glow, especially in its Over drive mode. However, it is let down by its limited run-time making it more suited for commuting or short club/weekend rides. It also works as very good back up or auxiliary light. Whilst remembering to charge it can be a pain, it’s not a big issue. With its universal micro USB connection, you will more than likely have a cable that fie to hand. All in all, a great light that looks fantastic and does its job well.


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