Moon are a company that know a thing or two about manufacturing decent bike lights and are distributed in the UK by Raleigh. So when it came to testing the new Moon LX-760 Front Light, we expected big things from the top model in the new LX range.

The Technology

The Moon LX-760 uses a single CREE XM-L2 super bright LED which kicks out an impressive 760 Lumens when the light is set to it’s Over drive mode. The light has a built in overheat protection system which automatically dims the beam to it’s standard brightness setting if the unit gets too hot. The LX-760 has a CNC aluminium heatsink case which has a nice finish to it – although it does seem to scratch quite easily. It is powered by a single rechargeable Panasonic lithium ion battery and is housed at the back of the light and covered with a magnetic cap. The light comes with both helmet and handlebar mounts and a neat little remote control that connects to the charge port via micro USB and attaches with a thin Velcro strap.

Moon LX-760 Front Light
CREE XM-L2 Super-bright LED kicks out an impressive 760 Lumens

Light In Use

Firstly lets talk about the lights brackets – the helmet mount bracket is a simplistic, plastic mount with a Velcro strap. However, with the Moon LX-760 weighing 116g (claimed), it is not the lightest helmet light available and we think it is better suited to a handlebar placement. So moving to the handlebar mount – the first thing to say is that it is designed to fit bars 22-31.8mm in diameter and comes with a rubber insert to ensure a good fit.

Moon LX-760 Front Light
Handlebar mount is solid when fastened but a little bulky with a none adjustable position

It is a hinge bracket that fastens with a thumbscrew which we found to be very solid and secure, that is once you have managed to fit it to your bars. We attached the bracket for the LX-760 to a standard 31.8mm road bike handlebar with the rubber insert fitted but could not get the thumbscrew closed. Removing the insert resolve this issue but the mount still feels quite bulky. The other downside to the mount is that it is a fixed position, so you cannot adjust it mid-ride.

Moon LX-760 Front Light
The handlebar mount is secured in place with a thumbscrew fastening

The light and it’s performance, are however very good. The single CREE LED kicks out a good strong beam and in the 760 Lumens ‘Over drive’ mode you should covered for riding country lanes or off-road trails at night. It seems that multiple beam options are the done thing with bike lights these days as the Moon LX-760 has 7 options with include Over drive (760), High (530), Standard (340), Low (150), Flashing, Strobe and SOS (all 380 Lumens). Each setting has a different coloured light indicator by changing the colour of the transparent rubber on/off button – so blue is Over drive green for High, orange for Standard and red for Low. This button also works as a low battery indicator.

The battery life backs up the impressive light output with run times ranging from 2 hours 20 mins to nearly 13 hours. This is thanks to the 3.6v – 3200mAh Panasonic battery. Charge time is fairly average and it will vary depending on whether you are using a wall plug or connecting the micro USB cable to a computer. We found that using a wall plug – from zero battery the light charged in just under 3 hours.

Moon LX-760 Front Light
Super bright CREE LED light.

The charge port is also used to connect the Moon LX-760 remote control, which is something we really like. Its a small button that can be mounted to the handlebars or cycle helmet with a thin Velcro strap. The idea with the cycle helmet is that it means you can change the beam without stopping to take you helmet off and using the on/off switch on the light itself. We fitted the button to the brake hood of our road bike and positioned it so that we could change the setting on the light using a thumb. It is a simple feature but it works well and you can switch to any light mode by simple pressing the button until you find the mode you want. The cable may not be to everyone’s liking but it is short enough not to be an irritation.

Moon LX-760 Front Light
USB remote control is a nice feature and easy to fit.

Moon LX-760 Front Light Review Conclusion

We like Moon products, they are functional and generally well thought out and well made without being over complicated. The LX range continues this theme. There are currently 3 products in this range, including an LX-560 and 360 model. We’re not sure if this range will expand and eventually supersede the X-Power range. Being waterproof (IPX4) the Moon LX-760 is a good light for commuters, road cyclists and mountain bikers. It provides a powerful 760 Lumen output which will easily let you see where you are going in the dark. We tested the light on country roads at 6am before the sun was near to making an appearance and the light performed superbly. Although we still think 7 modes is a little excessive, there is an option for just about any type and time of riding. On urban commutes after dark, the 530 High or even the 340 Standard beams are more than adequate to be seen and to light your way. The handlebar mount is solid and you won’t see the light move should you mis-judge a pothole or tree root but that being said, if you need to adjust the position, it is not a simple task as you will need to undo an do up the thumb screw. We still think there is nothing wrong with a good old O-ring or rubber mount. Battery life and charge time are both perfectly acceptable. We really like the USB remote as you can change the mode without removing your hands from your bars. Pricing sees the Moon LX-760 with an RRP of £89.99 which we think is a little high but shop around for a deal. At the time of this review, Evans has 25% off – making it a good deal.

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  1. My battery lasted 8 months and I belatedly realised these batteries are a special type made especially for Moon. You have to buy a Moon battery which is 5 times the cost of similar batteries. At $45 AUD they make their money back in after sales. Note they claim the battery will last 3 years and yet if the find the warranty small print the battery is covered for 3 months. Not much faith in their battery.

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