Muc-Off Water Soluble Degreaser Review


Since 1994, Dorset based company, Muc-Off have become one of the leaders in the manufacturing of bike cleaning products. The company boasts an impressive product portfolio that is used by some of cycling’s top pro teams and riders – or at least their mechanics. We decided to put some of their products to the test and gave the Muc-Off Water Soluble Degreaser a test.

The Technology

Muc-Off Water Soluble Degreaser is designed to be simple to use but tough on the build up of grease and grime on your bikes’ drivetrain and chain. The company state that its formula has been developed to be fully biodegradable and disperse in water. Muc-Off also confirm that this degreaser contains no acids or solvents that could be harmful – which we like.

In Use

As with any cleaning product – you should always read the instructions before use. The Muc-Off Water Soluble Degreaser instructions are straightforward and the formula is designed to work on gears, chains and derailleurs. So we took the greasiest cassette we could find at AATR and put the Muc-Off Water Soluble Degreaser to work. Being an aerosol makes application nice and easy and you can simply spray directly onto the grime-infected area. The spray is a fine mist so doesn’t go everywhere and it seems to cling to the surface well.

Muc-Off Water Soluble Degreaser

Agitate the dirt with a stiff bike brush, paint brush or cloth.

We left the cassette for 5 minutes to allow the degreaser solution to breakdown the dirt on your cassette, while we made a coffee. After about 5 minutes, we then agitated the grease with a stiff bike brush – and then rinsed.

Muc-Off Water Soluble Degreaser

Rinse way an the dirt and solution with cold water.

The grease and grime and solution rinses away with ease. Post rinse, you are recommended to wipe over and dry with a clean cloth to remove any excess. We did this, but maybe not as thoroughly as we should have as we were left with a few marks. But with a thorough clean, we think this wouldn’t be an issue.

Muc-Off Water Soluble Degreaser



Muc-Off Water Soluble Degreaser Review Conclusion

Cleaning a bike can be a chore or therapeutic – it depends on the type of person you are. But it doesn’t have to be difficult with products like the Muc-Off Water Soluble Degreaser – this stuff works well. Being a ‘premium product’ the RRP is £10 which we think is a little high but Wiggle and Evans Cycles both have 40% off at the time of this review. The fact it is easy to apply, doesn’t take a great deal of effort to get working and actually works is nice. The fact it is water soluble and biodegradable is great.


8.3 Very Good

Not the cheapest of cleaning products but its easy to use and gets the job done.

  • Performance 8
  • Ease of use 9
  • Value 8

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    I totally agree about this Muc Off degreaser having used the product myself, the only reason I don’t use it now is because I personally try to avoid aerosols for environmental reasons where possible.

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