It was difficult to decide whether to write up a review on such a simple product. But we like the RaceWare Direct ‘out-front’ GPS mount so much that we had to share.

Using a Bryton GPS it seemed that most manufactures geared there GPS bar mounts for Garmin. So to find on that is made for the GPS unit that you are using was great. The design is simple and the installation is incredibly easy. Made from 3D printed Nylon, the one piece RaceWare mounts are impressively light weight and reassuringly strong. This particular version is designed to fit an oversize handlebar with a 31.8mm diameter and once you have tightened the single Allen bolt securely, the mount stays firmly in place regardless of how many bumps in the road you hit. This being said, make sure you have set the mount in the optimal position as you won’t be able you move it mid-ride like you might with an O-ring secured mount. RaceWare GPS mount

As with most companies offering GPS bar mounts, RaceWare do seem to have their focus on the market-leading Garmin GPS units but what is good to see is some of the innovative ideas they are coming up with including mounts for Time Trial bikes, SRM Power Meter’s and even mounts that will hold a GPS, Exposure front light or GoPro camcorder in one unit.

One of our favourite ideas though is the fact you can now order a customised mount with your name, team or company written on the side. The RaceWare mounts are not the cheapest on the market at £29.99 but we think they are worth the investment.

For more details on RaceWare products, visit their website;

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