Something that is often forgotten about when cycling is sun protection. If you are planning to spend an amount of time in the saddle on a hot day, it is just as important to remember to protect yourself from the sun as it is to keep yourself well hydrated.

Is it any good?

Riemann P20 Sun Protection is marketed as a ‘Once a day’ application for Active People in the Sun and is aimed at both professionals and families. Riemann are one of the top branded sun protection companies in the world so they really know their stuff. This being said, this does have an RRP of £24.99 for a 200ml spray bottle. Allow 15 minutes to fully absorb and dry and P20 is incredibly water resistant and offers great UVA and UVB protection for up to 10 hours according to the P20 website. Riemann P20 Sun Protection comes in 4 different factors to suit different skin types as listed below:

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*note these are general guidelines and should not be taken as medical advice. If you are unsure about the best factor for your skin, you should consult a Doctor or Dermatologist.

What’s it like?

Riemann P20

As good as Riemann P20 Sun Protection is, I thought I would test on a family holiday in the UK. The weather has been great so it seemed like a great opportunity to try it out. P20 comes in either a 100ml or 200ml spray bottle or lotion. The consistency is almost oil-like and very runny and if you are not careful, it can leave a mark on light clothing. This may also be why a 15 minute drying time is recommended. Once applied my skin feel a little greasy also. Despite claiming to be fragrance free, there is definitely a distinct scent that reminded me a little of insect repellent. Sadly, these negative elements caused my children to protest and refuse to let me apply it. If they had to wear Sun Protection (which they did) they seemed to prefer to use the thicker and slightly more fragrant lotion.

Riemann P20 Sun Protection conclusion.

The spray bottle means it can be applied easily and quickly which is great. However, its oily consistency and greasy feel may put some people off. Although it absorbs well and doesn’t leave white, streaky marks when it gets wet or you sweat like some sun lotions. It does seem to have a distinctive scent about it which for some may be subtle but is there. All this being said though, it is very waterproof and offers a good level of sun protection which, lets face it, is what it is meant to do. In our opinion it is good for sporting activities but not necessarily for the whole family. We also feel that £24.99 is a little high for a sun protection but there are some good discounts around. Wiggle have between 10 and 27% off of the range.

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