[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]SKS are one of the cycling industries most recognized manufacturers of bike mudguards. The German based company has over 90 years experience in manufacturing cycling accessories. With the unpredictability of the Autumn UK weather – its been a goo chance to test the SKS Raceblade Pro mudguards. 

The Technology

The SKS Raceblade Pro are clip-on mudguards for road bikes. SKS claim they are the “ultimate clip-on mudguards”. They are made from toughened plastic and feature a double hinged quick release fitting. Because they sit behind the fork/rear brake mount – the mudguards are designed to work with road bikes that have aero forks and even disc brakes and thru-axles. This is thanks to their rubber strap fastenings which simply fit around the forks/seat stays.

SKS Raceblade Pro mudguards
Double hinged quick release makes for easy installation.

The Raceblade Pro mudguards come in two size options – standard (up to 25mm tyres) and XL (up to 32mm tyres). They are available in 4 colour options – black/matte black/white/silver. We tested the standard model in matte black finish. The mudguard positioning can be set by sliding the stays up and down. Once set, you can use the provided screws to hold them in place. This is is done by drilling a small hole in the underside of the mudguard.

SKS Raceblade Pro
Slide the stays up and down to find the optimal position.

The front mudguard measures 519mm in length, whilst the rear is 680mm. The pair weigh 355g (claimed). Both mudguards are fitted with mudflaps for that extra protection for you and the riders behind you – should you be on a club or social ride.

SKS Raceblade Pro
Front and rear mudguards are fitted with mudflaps for extra protection.


SKS Raceblade Pro Mudguards In Use

I started testing the SKS Raceblade Pro Mudguards mid summer. A new bike and a wet summer meant that it was an opportunity too good to miss. Fitting the mudguards seemed straightforward enough. Holding the support stays in position, I simply threaded the rubber fastening around the frame/forks and connected it. You can easily adjust how tight these are and the inclusion of clear plastic frame protector strips help protect your paintwork. Adjusting the position proved to be a little more tricky. Part of the issue I had was the tyres on my bike. The 25mm Continental GP4000 tyres measure a bit bigger than 25mm. This meant the clearance between mudguard and tyres was very close.

SKS Raceblade Pro
The width of some 25mm tyres means a close clearance between tyre and mudguard.

The nice thing about these mudguards is that you can adjust them in several places to make sure they fit. You even get an Allen key to tighten the tiny hinge bolts. Once you have set the position – the instructions suggest you drill a small hole in the underside of the mudguards and use the tiny screws to hold the stays in place. I found this way too fiddly and after several attempts and loss of the 2mm screws, I decided not to bother. As well as an Allen key and securing screws, SKS provide cable ties to allow you to fix the mudguards permanently.

SKS Raceblade Pro

Out on the road, the SKS Raceblade Pro mudguards remained relatively rattle free. I did have to put a piece of the sticky plastic frame protector on the underside of my down-tube. This was to prevent the mudguard stay from knock against the frame. It is important to make sure they are fitted securely, without over-stretching the rubber fastening strap. They do a good job of protecting my feet and back from the spray on the wet road surface thanks to the addition of the mudflaps. I did find that the ‘half’ coverage meant that my front mech and frame got little protection. This is probably the only area the Raceblades fall down against a full (fitted) mudguard. As for the looks – I am not against mudguards as I feel the benefit outweighs the need for the bike to look good.

SKS Raceblade Pro Mudguards Review Conclusion

For a lot of road cyclists the thought of mudguards is a big no-no! They fear their bike will lose its aesthetically pleasing looks. However, if you want to protect your cycle clothing from a big muddy stain up the back, clip-on mudguards are probably the answer. The SKS Raceblade Pro mudguards do a good job of protecting the rider from spray and mud on wet roads. Although they can be a bit tricky to position for the first (few) times. Once you have them correct and have tightened all the bolts – they are easy to fit. Be mindful that they don’t fit ALL road bikes though. Having previously purchased a set of these mudguards for a Cannondale Synapse, I found the hinged stays were not long enough to reach the forks. This was because the forks cut away in the wrong place. The rSKS Raceblade Pro mudguards aren’t the cheapest option with a RRP of around £44.99 (£49.99 for the stealth black option). But if you can find them for a reduced price, they are worth the money. We’ve listed the best prices we could find below.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_message message_box_style=”solid-icon” message_box_color=”blue” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-shopping-cart”]SKS Raceblade Pro Mudguards available from:

Evans Cycles – from £27.99

Pro Bike Kit – from £28.99[/vc_message][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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