Topeak have long been recognised for their innovative cycling accessories. The Taiwanese company that is actually based in Germany have an impressive portfolio of products. We have been getting to grips with the Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multi-tool.

The Technology

The body of the tool in made from forged Aluminum so it is very strong but remains lightweight. If you hadn’t already guessed, the Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multi-tool has 20 different tool attachments. This should cover the majority of mid-ride fixes. These include:

  • Spoke Wrenches: 14g,15g, M7, Shimano compatible
  • Allen Wrenches: 2/2-L/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm
  • Torx Wrenchs: T25/T10
  • Chain Tool with chain breaker pin
  • Chain Hook
  • Tyre Lever
  • Screw Drivers: #2 Phillips/Flat Head
  • Bottle Opener: Steel/ with Spoke Holder
Topeak Mini Pro 20 Multi-tool
Stainless steel tools are well thought out and nicely finished

The tools are made from Hardened Steel for longevity and prevent bending or twisting stubborn bolts. As well as all of the standard tools you might expect on a multi-tool – the Topeak Mini 20 Pro includes a mini chain breaker tool which is made from cast CrMo Steel. This actually screws onto the tool itself using the breaker pin to secure it in place. Just to make that annoying broken chain fix a bit easier – Topeak include a Stainless Steel wire hook.

Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multi-tool
Mini chain tool including breaker pin & chain hook

In Use

Having had a play with the Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multi-tool, I have to say I was suitably impressed. The tool when closed is slim and compact and weighing around 150g, it is suitable light. The tools look and feel well made and are of a size that allows good leverage for loosening and tightening bolts. The chain tool has positives and negatives about it. I found it frustrating that you have to unscrew the breaking pin completely to remove the chain tool from the multi-tool. This frustration was compounded by the fact that if you over-tighten the pin, it can be difficult to unscrew. However, once removed, it does make for better ease of use compared to some of the multi-tools that have fixed chain tools. I also really liked the fact that Topeak had thought to fit a handy little steel chain hook. This may just be a simple hooked wire, but the fact is it there and clips onto the chain tool to prevent loss means Topeak have really thought about the details.

Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multi-tool
Nice little Neoprene case keeps the Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multi-tool compact and protected.

Finally, for when the Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multi-tool is not in use – it comes with a neat little Neoprene case to keep the tool (bits) protected. This fits nicely in a jersey pocket or seat pack/saddle bag.


Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multi-tool Review Conclusion

We think that a good multi-tool is without a doubt, a must have for ALL cyclists. The Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multi-tool ticks most – if not all of the boxes for what you may need on a multi-tool and it performs well under pressure (or torque even). It is compact and lightweight, but is very well made. The range of tools is very good and having snapped a chain mid-ride and being without a tool – the inclusion of a chain tool is always a thumbs up – even though this one is a little fiddly to use. The Topeak Mini 20 Pro Multi-tool has an RRP of £27.99 which, if we’re honest is at the top end of the scale for a multi-tool but you will find that at the time of this review, Wiggle, Chain Reaction Cycles and Evans Cycles have around 20% off.


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