British brand VeloSkin bought a range of cycling focused skincare products to market in 2016. As cyclists themselves, they focused on key products used by cyclists, including chamois cream, shaving cream, post-shave lotion and a daily sports moisturiser. The range of products has been formulated to withstand the changing conditions of the British weather. With Autumn in full swing, I put the VeloSkin Daily Sports Moisturiser to the test.

The Science

VeloSkin worked with a leading UK skincare expert and spent countless hours in research to develop their range. All of the company’s testing is done on real cyclists – not animals. VeloSkin products are also made using natural ingredients. The company ethos is “if you’re out in nature, utilise nature”. The 150ml tin of the sports moisturiser contains 8 key ingredients (as listed by VeloSkin);

Coconut oil – Prevents aging of the skin due to its ability to protect from UV Rays and environmental pollution.

Sweet almond oil – An essential oil packed with Vitamin E, fatty acids and proteins to feed your skin.

Cocoa butter – Bursting with healthy, fatty acids to add a protective layer of hydration.

Raspberry seed oil – Loaded with Vitamin E and providing a natural sun defence to protect and repair.

Shea butter – Luxurious and bursting with Vitamin A to nourish and hydrate tight skin

Zinc Oxide – A soothing and calming mineral which provides an effective natural protection from UV light.

Orange blossom oil – Deeply hydrating and an amazingly fresh scent.

Bergamot oil – An essential oil providing a natural citrus scent, as well stimulating the skin.


Unlike many skincare products – VeloSkin have taken a stand against heavily fragranced skincare products. Instead, they have taken inspiration from riding in the hills of Mallorca  – using Orange blossom oil to give their moisturiser a refreshing, light citrus scent.

In Use

I have to admit that moisturiser is a bit big deal for me. When I don’t use it, my face not only drys out – but my skin tone means that ‘ashy skin’ becomes a pain in the saddle. So this test was always going to be personal. On paper (the website) this moisturiser promises a lot. After using the VeloSkin Daily Sports Moisturiser for a week, I have to say it delivers. VeloSkin have produced a cream that is light with a smooth texture. It spreads well without needing to use too much. At £12.50 for a 150ml tin – this is a good thing. Once applied, absorbs quickly into the skin. An issue I have found is that some moisturisers can leave your skin feeling greasy. But this doesn’t seem to be an issue with the VeloSkin product.


On crisp morning rides when the temperature was well into single digits, the moisturiser performed well. My face felt less likely to crack in the cold air and post ride my skin didn’t feel like it had been sandblasted. My only reservation with this product is the scent. I think that the brand really understand that we don’t need to smell like a perfume counter to ride our bikes. However, I did find the hint of orange blossom to be very subtle – to the point of not being able to smell it at all initially. That being said, the more neutral scent that is there is far from offensive.

VeloSkin Daily Sports Moisturiser Review Conclusion

Skincare products become a personal preference. Once you found something that works for you – you’ll tend to stick with it (so to speak). This product was always going to have its work cut out for testing. But it performs beyond my expectations and does exactly what you need a skincare product to do. Don’t be put off by the ‘Sports Moisturiser’ in the name. This is works for daily use. The scent is not really for me. Although as I said in the review, its far from offensive and certainly not overpowering. VeloSkin have even made the packaging appealing. The attention-grabbing, bright orange box with the sophisticated black tin makes it a product you want to add to your basket. The £12.50 price tag is reasonable when comparing it to some of the markets ‘big brands’.

Overall this is a really good product.

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