dhb’s Classic range of products was created to be simple. The Wiggle exclusive brand claim that their latest 2016 designs are timeless yet still technical enough to be classed as performance. We got our hands on the new dhb Classic Breton Roubaix Jersey to see if this rang true. 

The Technology

The dhb Classic Breton Roubaix jersey is designed for Autumn and Winter cycling. It’s made from 100% Polyester and the outer fabric is a fine mesh which help make the jersey breathable. The inside is a soft fleece which not only helps insulate on a colder day but is also designed to help wick moisture away from the body.

dhb Classic Breton Roubaix Jersey
Soft fleece lining provides good insulation for colder rides.

The dhb Classic Breton Roubaix long sleeve jersey is available in a range of sizes for both men and women. From UK 8 to 16 for women and XS to XXL for men (we tested an XXL). The colour options however are limited to just 2 choices – navy/blue or burgundy/orange (just burgundy/orange for women). This is a bit disappointing when you consider the standard Classic long sleeve is available in 6 colour options.

The jersey features a full length YKK zip with a ‘lock down’ pull. There is an internal zip guard and zip garage at the collar. The waist features a silicone gripper to help prevent the jersey from riding up. At the back there are 3 deep pockets and a small zip pocket for valuables.

dhb Classic Breton Roubaix Jersey
Minimal but strategically places reflective detailing

The reflective detail is kept minimal but have been strategically placed at the base of the rear pockets. Also, both logos on the front and rear of the jersey are reflective.

In Use

The key feature of the dhb Classic Breton Roubaix jersey is simplicity. The design is basic and doesn’t scream out ‘look at me’. Yet it’s classic styling is eye-catching and something I was instantly drawn to.

From the top, the collar is essentially doubled up fabric and is roughly 2 inches. My first feeling was that the collar could do with being a little longer for a Winter jersey. However, the double thickness sits comfortably around the neck when riding.

dhb Classic Breton Roubaix Jersey
Full-length YKK zip sits comfortably under a zip garage for added comfort when riding.

The full length YKK zip has an internal zip guard to stop it rubbing and sits nicely under a zip garage when fully zipped up.

When it comes to fit and comfort, the dhb Classic Breton Roubaix jersey is similar to the dhb Blok Diamond jersey we recently reviewed. It is classed as a performance fit. This means that it is close fitting but not a tight race fit. I’m quite broad across the shoulders and the biggest issue I have with long sleeve jerseys is ironically the sleeve length. But the dhb Classic Breton jersey sleeves are a good length. Thaided by the fact they have a non-elasticated cuff.

dhb Classic Breton Roubaix Jersey
The performance fit is more relaxed than race fit and very comfortable in various riding position.

The body length is good but I did find the back of jersey would ride up a little when riding. However, this was more of an observation than a complaint as my riding position is quite aggressive. The triple pockets on cycling jerseys is almost as common place as having sleeves or a zip. The three pockets on the dhb Classic Breton Roubaix jersey are nice and deep and easily accessible. The tops of the pockets are slightly elasticated to help prevent things falling out when they are full. I really like the zip pocket on the right-hand side and this seems to be a pretty standard feature for dhb cycle jerseys now. However, unlike some of their jerseys, dhb have not made this waterproof. This is a bit of a shame as its a perfect pocket for those worried about messing up their jersey with used energy gel/bar wrappers.

dhb Classic Breton Roubaix Jersey
Triple rear pockets are deep and feature a neat little zip pocket.

Despite having a historic heatwave in the middle of testing, I manage to get some rides on fresher mornings with a (thin) base layer. Also a some short commutes wearing just the jersey. The cut of the Breton long sleeve jersey, combined with it’s fleece lining makes it incredibly comfortable to wear when riding. The fabric does a pretty good job of transferring moisture away from the body. However, it is a well insulated jersey and ideally suited to those chilly early morning Autumn/Winter club rides or commutes. The performance fit is close enough to the body to prevent the jersey flapping in the wind. But its relaxed enough to allow a good range of movement whilst riding. I compared this to the 2015 dhb Aeron Roubaix jersey as both are classed as a ‘performance fit’. The Classic Breton jersey is a much more relaxed fit than it’s racier sibling.

dhb Classic Breton Roubaix Jersey review conclusion

I’m going to stick my neck on the line and say that I really really like this jersey. If you are looking for a quality jersey that sits somewhere in between relaxed and race fit, the dhb Classic Breton Roubaix Jersey is just that. It is well thought out and thanks to its soft fleece lining and details like the zip guard and garage, its very comfortable to wear both on and off the bike. Its simplicity is a standout feature – although the limited choice of colours is disappointing. From a pricing point, the dhb Classic Breton Roubaix Jersey is exclusive to Wiggle and has an RRP of £50.00 (excluding any loyalty discounts). It’s not the cheapest out there but in our opinion – it is simple, classy and super-comfortable. A quality piece of kit for Winter.


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