Sportful 2ND Skin X-Lite Base Layer is an open mesh technical ‘first layer’ designed for long rides in hot weather. At first glance it replicates a sting vest. Probably the kind of thing your Grandad would wear. In reality, this is simple garment was developed for the riders of the Saxo Tinkoff Pro race team by their kit maker Sportful. This particular version is exclusive to Wiggle Online Bike Shop but there are alternative options.

How does it work?

Sportful 2ND Skin X-Lite base layer

Made from a blend of Polypropylene (66%), Nylon (28%) and Elastane (Spandex 6%), the elasticated microfibres literally transfer the sweat and moisture from the body and out to the jersey for easier evaporation. Sportful’s climate control guide suggests that the optimum temperature for riding in the 2ND Skin X-Lite base layer is +20°C. The quick-drying fabric also helps the body manage temperature control.

Is it comfortable?

As you may expect from a base layer, the Sportful 2ND Skin X-Lite base layer is a body-hugging form fit (or compression fit). At 6′ 3” and 95kg I tried the XXL and at first felt a little confined. This vest is tight and won’t suit everyone’s idea of comfort. Sportful have added body zones down the sides and across the stomach and chest to ensure the 2ND Skin base layer stay next to the skin at all times. But with its seamless design, lightweight construction and incredible amount of stretch in the body, I quickly forget about the tight fit and found it very comfortable.

Sportful 2ND Skin X-Lite base layer review conclusion
Sportful 2ND Skin X-Lite base layer

I was a little unsure about a base layer for summer riding so the Sportful 2ND Skin X-Lite base layer was always going to have it’s work cut-out. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it actually performed. There is something in second skin and moisture transfer wear and with an RRP of £30.00, the Sportful 2ND Skin X-Lite is worth the money. Although Wiggle have savings on this base layer. All in all, whilst not for everyone, we liked the Sportful 2ND Skin X-Lite base layer as it performs its job of moisture management very well, especially on long rides.

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