COSINE is the new in-house component range launched earlier this year by online retail giants Wiggle. Currently consisting of performance alloy and carbon wheels and 6 different saddles, which include an entry-level sports range with either Cr-Mo or Alloy rails, a road model in either a man or woman specific shape and the top-level Endurance or Sprint men’s saddles. We thought we’d give our behind a new perch – testing the Cosine TI Endurance road saddle.

The Technology

The 145mm wide Cosine TI Endurance road saddle is designed for riders who want to spend hours in the saddle, riding long distance. It features EVA foam padding which is sat on top of a Nylon-fibre base, similar to that used in cycling shoe soles. The base has a cut-out in the centre and the padding is shaped with a shallow full-length channel, both designed to provide adequate pressure relief on the riders ‘sit bone’ and sensitive area whilst churning out the miles. The cover is a waterproof Microfirbe which features the Cosine logo and dimples and the rails are CrN/TI Titanium alloy to keep the weight down to a 226g total.

COSINE TI Endurance Saddle
The shallow channel EVA foam padding & waterproof Microfibre cover provide a comfortable ride.

On the road

A bike saddle is one of the hardest things to get right when cycling. Arguably the main contact point between rider and bike, it can be a nightmare trying to get something right for the individual. So the Cosine saddle I have tested is actually quite surprising. Having tested it on a couple of short rides around the block, a 50 mile weekend ride which featured a ridiculous headwind would provide a serious test as it meant a long time in the saddle. The first this I noticed is that the padding, despite being a little softer that I have been used to, was still reasonably dense and supportive in the right places. Having moved away from a saddle with a channel in the passed, because of discomfort, the Cosine TI Endurance seems to be in the right position, running the length of the saddle. The key thing about the channel is that the cut-out is in the Nylon-fibre base rather than the whole saddle and the channel itself is shallow so the sides don’t create a ridge effect, which can cause discomfort. The combination of the two provide a comfortable seating position. However, the base did offer up a little more flex than I am used to.

COSINE TI Endurance Saddle
Narrow nose & curved side wings make the saddle comfortable against the inner-thigh when riding.

The nose of the Cosine TI Endurance road saddle is narrow and the side wings are curved all the way along the saddle. This produces less friction against the inner-thigh with each pedal stroke. The 277mm length means that if you are the type of rider who moves position a lot whilst perched, there is plenty of room to accommodate you.

COSINE TI Endurance Road Saddle Review Conclusion

Being a rider who is incredibly fussy about the saddle I perch on, I was skeptical about trying an own-brand saddle. Especially one with an incredibly low RRP of £29.99. But the Cosine TI Endurance road saddle is right up there with the big boys. It is impressively lightweight and very comfortable. The channel is shallow enough not to produced ridged-edges but deep enough to relieve pressure on the sit-bone, whilst the narrow 277mm length gives plenty of room to adjust position. The base is a little ‘flexible’ but EVA padding is dense and supportive without being too firm. Wiggle have really done their homework, certainly with this saddle and we look forward to seeing what else they have to come from their COSINE range.


  1. Is this still the saddle of choice ? I bought one and have done a couple of hundred miles and find it’s very hard and I’m sore just in front of the sit bones. That spoiled my last ride to be honest. I wonder if this is why it’s been heavily discounted (was already cheap)
    It’s a pity as I have the cosine wheels to match which are great

  2. Ooh, interesting. Vamper’s Matt has just acquired some Cosine carbon wheels, which look fantastic – and he’s really happy with the quality. This saddle is really cool and a hell of a good price… I can see him buying one of these! Thanks for reviewing 🙂

    – Russ, yep, I struggled with the Charge Spoon, too! An alternative saddle I can recommend is the Specialized Power Expert – switched to it a couple of weeks ago and its proving really comfortable. Looks quite unusual but worth a try!

  3. Currently this is the only Cosine saddle we have tested. It is now being used as the tester’s everyday saddle.

  4. Did you get a chance to test any of the other saddles offered by Cosine?

    Currently using a Charge Spoon and it seems to have gotten more uncomfortable the more I’ve ridden on it.

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