Fizik (or Fi’zi:k) was launched in the late 1996 as a the premium race brand of Italian saddle makers Selle Royal. Designed in the US and handmade in Italy, since their launch, the Fizik brand has become one of the most recognizable and popular in cycling. Initially stating with manufacturing high performance saddles, the Fizik product portfolio now includes saddles, handlebars, stems and seat posts, shoes and bar tape. We fitted some Fizik Performance Bar Tape to our drops and here’s what we thought.

Get a Grip!

The first thing that will strike you when you feel this bar tape, even before application, is that this is well padded. At 3mm thick, the Performance bar tape has a real plush feel about it. We tested it on some short commutes and also on a couple of longer 40-45 mile rides. The tape offers impressive comfort but also a decent level of shock absorption too. Made from a Microtex fabric with foam padding, Fizik offer three variations in the Performance range. Classic which we tested, Soft Touch which has a brushed, almost suede-like feel to it. Or Tacky Touch with a durable, rubber-like finish. The Fizik Performance Bar Tape ‘classic’ offers up 8 colour options including black, white, pink, yellow, lime green, orange, red and metallic blue. So for those wanting a bit of colour-coordination with their bike, they should be able to find something to suit. The soft and tacky touch options are available in a more neutral black or white.


Fitting the tape is straight forward (assuming you have fitted bar tape before) and the Microtex offers a good amount of stretch and give which makes life easier. The form padding has a thin adhesive strip which sticks quite well although we think this could be a bit thicker. In the box, as well as the pair of bar tapes, you get two excess strips to fit around the shifter brackets and a pair of black Fizik bar plug featuring their trademark :k logo.

The design is somewhat unique in that it combines perforations to make the tape breathable, a stitched ridge slightly off centre and then the Fizik logo embossed along the edge. The combination of the 3 work well, giving a comfortable, good looking finish with great grip. We may have been a little brave in testing the white Fizik Performance Bar Tape but one of the things we like about this over the traditional cork tape is the fact that Fizik claim it is washable and well in our tests, it is. You can wipe over with a damp cloth or use a little degreaser to remove those grubby marks (although harsh cleaners may not be suitable and could cause discolouring).

Such is Fizik’s popularity, the Fizik Performance Bar Tape range is available from most cycle specialists. When it comes to cost, the Performance ‘classic’ bar tape has an £15.99 RRP which we think is very reasonable based on the quality of the product. Although at the time of this review Wiggle 14% off the classic and soft touch. The tacky is more expensive at £23.99 RRP but Chain Reaction Cycles have 10% off (again at the time of the review).

Product Review Conclusion

Fizik have earned a reputation for manufacturing high quality products. It is in their founders history. The Fizik Performance Bar Tape is no different. It looks great and thanks to it’s 3mm foam padding it offers impressive comfort. The Microtex finish gives the bar tape a nice soft but grippy feel. We really like the fact that you can clean the tape which, if like us you like white bar tape, is definitely a bonus. Some may feel the price point is a little high compared to some other bar tape but we think it is good value based on the quality and comfort. The Fizik Performance Bar Tape definitely gets a big thumbs up from us.

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