The Clif Bar company has been producing nutritional energy food since the early 90’s. The concept was created by Gary Erickson whilst on a 175 mile bike ride and since then, the US based company has prided itself on producing organically sourced energy  bars, gels shots and chews. We have gone back to the beginning and tested the Clif Bar’s original product – the er, Clif Bar Energy Bar (Crunchy Peanut Butter).

The Natural Ingredients

The Clif Bar products are made of (over 70%) organic ingredients and the Clif Bar Energy Bars are around 2 base key ingredients – brown rice syrup and rolled oats. All additional ingredients are organically sourced (where possible) to enrich the bar with vitamins and minerals. What is interesting about the 68 gram Clif Bar is that unlike some other sports nutrition, the one bar is aimed for use before, during and after activities. This is because as well as using ingredients like rolled oats which provide a high carbohydrate content (36g based on the Peanut Crunch bar) – each bar contains between 9 and 11 grams of protein (depending on the flavour), thanks to the addition of Soy protein from Soybeans. In addition, Clif Bar’s Energy Bar is packed with vitamins including A, C, D and E – as well as vitamins B6 and B12 which help the bodies metabolic system process the energy release from the ingredients.

Clif Bar Energy Bar

What’s it like

Our first test was during a ride of around 40 miles as the mid-ride snack. The packet is not the easiest to open during the ride but after some determination I managed to prize the foil wrapper open. The texture of the bar can only really be described as ‘rugged’ out of the packet. The Peanut Crunch (and Chocolate Chip) bars we have tested are full of flavour and despite the chewy consistency, the bars are easy to eat. Some may find this type of energy bar to be a bit heavy or filling compared to others on the market. Rolled oats are considered to be a good source of slow-release carbohydrates and during a number of tests before, during and after rides, we found the Clif Bar Energy Bars were best consumed during longer ride outs or even better as a pre-ride breakfast. If you are an early rider like me – it means you don’t have to wake the house up making porridge prior to a long weekend ride.

Clif Bar Energy Bar review conclusion

The Clif Bar Energy Bars have become a favorite at AATR – not only for the pre-ride weekend breakfast but also on those morning dashes to the office when breakfast is skipped. The chosen ingredients, vitamins and protein take them over and above being just a flapjack bar – whilst their ‘bulk’ and consistency offers something more substantial then some energy bars. If you are planning a training ride or a ride that is long enough to warrant an energy back but not necessarily a sportive, some may find the Clif Bar Energy Bar a bit on the heavy side for a ‘during the ride’ snack. But if you are heading out for an adventure on your bike or participating in a long distance ride or event – with its packed, slow-release ingredients, these bars are ideal. When it comes to flavours, the UK market seems to have been limited to 6 or 7 flavours. In actual fact – based on the companies US website, there are actually an incredible 20 flavours available. Bars come either individually at around £1.59 per bar or boxes of 12 which list at £19.08. At the time of this review, Wiggle and Evans Cycles have around 25% discount for a box.


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