For those that didn’t know – Etixx is actually the sports nutritional brand of pharmaceutical giants – Omega Pharma. As a company, Etixx Sports Nutrition have good portfolio of products including pre, during and post-ride. We gave the Etixx recovery shake a post-ride taster.

The Science

Protein is a key nutrient for building body tissue. So in sport, whey protein isolate is used for aiding muscle tissue repair and recovery as it is absorbed quicker into the body than other proteins. It is recommended that to gain the most benefit from these types of protein, they should ideally be consumed within 20-30 minutes of (intense) exercise. ‘Recovery’ proteins are commonly used in the form of a recovery drink or more recently – chocolate bars, as these tend to be easier to consume and digest. The Etixx recovery shake I tested came as a 50g Raspberry and Kiwi flavour sachet. This contains 9g of Whey Protein isolate, 37g of Carbohydrate and 0.03g of salt. This is in addition to a range of vitamins and minerals including vitamin B6 and B12.

In Use


The Etixx recovery shake is recommended to be taken with milk or water – so I gave it a go with the recommended 500ml of milk. The powder dissolved reasonably well considering I had mis-placed my shaker and used a standard cycling bidon to mix instead. The consistency wasn’t too thick and on the whole, the drink was easy on my stomach. I was a little skeptical at first about the Raspberry and Kiwi flavour but in actual fact, it was really tasty – although very sweet. Whilst the effects of a recovery drink or supplement are not instant, I find the easiest way to determine the effectiveness is by how much I ache in the following hours/day. The Etixx recovery shake did work well after a high tempo 30 mile ride and they was certainly a noticeable comfort in my legs to that if I’d not have any recovery drink or supplement. Had I have been on a much longer ride though, I probably would have had a second drink a few hours later to get the real benefits.

Etixx Recovery Shake Review Conclusion

Energy and recovery supplements are designed to improve your performance – whether you are a profession or an amateur. Fast recovery is a key part of performance and the Etixx recovery shake does a great job providing just that. The shakes are available in either single dose 50g sachets, which are ideal for travelling or a 1000g (1kg) tub. The whilst the raspberry and kiwi flavour will not be to everyone’s taste, they do also offer a chocolate flavour drink. Unfortunately this only seems to be available in 1kg tub. The powder mixes well and is easy to digest and easy on the stomach – although some may find the flavour(s) quite sweet. In terms of pricing, RRP for a tub is £34.99 and £2.99 for a sachet. Unfortunately, not many of the main name online stores stock Etixx, but the company does have a good online shop and provide a decent delivery service.


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