PowerBar have been researching nutrition since the early 80’s and producing sports energy foods since developing the first energy bars in back in 1986. As one of the worlds largest sports nutrition brands, their scientifically developed products focus on the 3 key stages of nutritional intake. PowerBar use a 1-2-3 (or Before, During, After) system along with colour-coding on their products to help athletes choose the best products for their training or competitions. In another first, PowerBar created the first energy wafer. We gave it a taste.

Not a Party Food Snack!

When you think of wafers, you probably remember the little pink biscuit snacks you had at a party when you were a child. However, PowerBar have taken the popular biscuit based snack and fused it with their scientifically proven C2MAX Dual Source Carb Mix. PowerBar claim ‘this 2:1 ratio of glucose and fructose quickens carbohydrate absorption into the working muscles by up to 55%, offering up to 8% greater endurance!‘ What they have come up with is actually pretty impressive.

With some energy bars, even if you ate it with your eyes closed (not recommended when exercising), you just know it is an energy bar by the way it tastes and smells. Available in two flavours, chocolate peanut and berry yogurt, the PowerBar Energize Wafers are not only tasty, but also very easy to digest. Both flavours are very palatable although a few more varieties would be nice. Each 40g wafer contains around 27g of carbohydrates and around 4.5g of fat. We found the Energize Wafer was a great alternative to the more conventional energy bars when out on a steady training ride or social/club ride. More intense training may require higher carbohydrate intake so you might need to double up if you are taking just these. Its easy to eat whilst you are riding as well as on a ‘pit-stop’ although you will want to make sure you have some drink to wash it down with as the wafer can be a little dry.

From a price point, a box of 12x 40g bars is £17.99 RRP which isn’t bad at around £1.50 per bar. However, nutritional products are often discounted and at the time of this review, Wiggle and Evans Cycles have around 30-40% discount, making them less than £1 per bar.

Product Review Conclusion

When it comes to energy and nutrition, PowerBar should know what they are talking about having been there from the start. They have scientifically researched and developed a range of products to suit most sporting pursuits and their 3 step, colour-coding on products makes it easy to choose what will best suit the activity you are doing. Their PowerBar Energize Wafer breaks the mould of the traditional cereal bar or chewy nougat style energy bar and offers athletes an refreshing alternative carbohydrate source when training or competing. It is light and perfect for a jersey pocket. When it comes to eating, it is easy to consume when riding although make sure you have something to drink with it. We like the Energize Wafer a lot and hope to see some more flavour variations soon.

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