Science in Sport GO Energy bars are a tasty pick me up to keep you going that bit further for longer. Available in 2 bar sizes, 40g and 65g, they are ideal to stuff in your jersey for your training rides, sportive or race. Both sizes come in 4 different flavours which include Apple and Blackcurrant, Cherry and Vanilla, Chocolate and Orange or Chewy Banana for the 65g. The 40g ‘mini’ bars come in Red Berry, Blue Berry, Banana Fudge or our personal favourite, chocolate fudge. Both bars offer a great carbohydrate kick with the larger bar giving over 40g and the mini’s 26g.SiS Go Energy Bars

What are they like?

Unlike some energy bars, the Science in Sport GO energy bars are moist. Made with a range of ingredients including oats, soya and fruit juices the consistency is thick and chewy but soft, regardless of the temperature you are riding in. This keeps the GO Energy bar together nicely meaning you can just eat it without losing half when opening it. The flavour is rich but not offensive and the mini SiS GO Energy Bars that we have tested proved easy to digest (although we’d recommend smaller bites whilst riding).

SiS recommends that you should consume around 60g of carbohydrates per hour during exercise and suggests 1-2 of these bars in the same time frame. Personally we found that one bar was sufficient in an hour especially if you are eating alongside energy gels but it does really come down to personal preference and your training regimes. From a cost perspective we initially felt that the SiS GO Energy Bars were a little pricey with an RRP of £30.00 for a box of 24x 65g or 30x 40g bars but there are a lot of offers around. Ribble Cycles have massive 32% off the mini bars at the time of this review.

SiS GO Energy Bars review conclusion

We like these bars a lot. They are easy to carry, easy to open (when riding) and actually taste pretty good. They aren’t heavy like some energy bars and we found them easy to digest. Whilst the flavour selection won’t suit every pallet, they have made the SiS GO Energy bar with a nice range of flavours across the two bar sizes. The RRP seems a little excessive if you are starting out on the nutrition in exercise road but there is usually an offer or two around. It can also work out more cost effective if you but the SiS GO Energy Bars as a box instead of individually (although you might want to try the flavours first before stocking up on boxes).

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