In 2014 the online cycle retailer Wiggle launched their own nutrition range – including hydration tablets and energy gels. Originally, Wiggle Nutrition energy gels were limited to blackcurrant and orange flavours. But 2 years on, Wiggle Nutrition energy gels now boasts 9 flavours. These are available in either single flavour boxes of 20 or a ‘Full Flavours Collection’ box of 9 gels.

The Science

Wiggle Nutrition Energy Gels are a compact 38g sachet that deliver around 22.6g of carbohydrates. This is on par with many of the energy gels on the market. The gels also contain electrolytes which are lost though sweat. Electrolytes help the body maintain its fluid balance and help the body absorb carbohydrates faster. The Full Flavour Collection comes with 7 standard gels and 2 caffeine gels (Mocha & Citrus). The caffeine content is a reasonable 30mg per gel.

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In Use

Compact sachets are extremely pocket-friendly
Compact sachets are extremely pocket-friendly

Energy gel manufacturers are getting fancy with their flavours. So with the original Wiggle Nutrition energy gels only offering blackcurrant or orange, they had to step up their game. And that is exactly what they have done. The 9 flavour pack includes blackcurrant, fruit punch, lemon & lime, lemon meringue, orange, peaches & cream, strawberry split and mocha and citrus (caffeine) gels. Wiggle Nurtition energy gels are full flavoured to say the least. Some flavours like the peaches & cream and strawberry split are very rich and will leave your taste buds dancing. Especially if like me, you have a sweet tooth. However, this might not be so good for those who have a delicate stomach. In terms of their effectiveness, all of the gels gave me the necessary energy boost that I needed and expected. The mocha and citrus caffeine gels were tasty and gave a sufficient kick on an early Sunday ride. The consistency is runny enough to consume whilst riding but I still had to have a drink to wash them down.

Wiggle Nutrition Energy Gels Review Conclusion

It is nice to have such a vast choice of flavours when it comes to energy gel. Unlike some gels, non of the flavours in the Wiggle Nutrition energy gel pack left a bad taste in my mouth. Although, they are incredibly sweet. This may not suit some riders and as previously stated, they may not sit well on some stomachs. They are effective and the combination of electrolytes and 22.6g carbohydrate content gives a sufficient pick-me-up during a ride – although remembering to consume before you are ready to fall off your bike with fatigue is important. Where these gels are hard to beat is the cost. A box of 20 single flavour gels retails at just £9.99. Whilst the ‘Full Flavour Collection‘ containing 9 gels is £5.00 (just over 50p per gel).


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