With the Global success of the Continental GP4000s, you would be forgiven for thinking that the German tyre experts would have a hard job coming up with a road bike tyre that would out-shine this fantastically popular tyre. So they have introduced the imaginatively named Continental GP4000s II.

Is it a different tyre?

Well if we are honest, the Continental GP 4000s II still uses the same ground-breaking technology as it’s predecessor. It is still made from Continentals revolutionary BlackChili compound rubber. For those that read our GP4000s review, BlackChili is a polymer rubber containing nanometric carbon soot particles. The result is increased grip, less rolling resistance and high wear mileage. The 4000s II Also retains the Vectran Breaker. This is the Thermoplastic fabric layer claimed to be five times stronger than steel and layed directly under the tread for puncture protection.

Continental GP4000s II

So what is new?

Continental seem to have picked up on the area’s they may have been missing out on with the previous tyre. The Continental GP4000s II now comes in a wider range of sizes and colours.

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The GP4000s was always categorized as a performance all-rounder. The GP-4000s II has really opened the model up to a much wider audience by adding the new variations in size and colour. Although the reputation that precedes it means they come at a cost with an RRP of £49.95. But shopping around will mean you can probably expect to save in the region of 30% online at the time of this review, from the likes of Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle.

A Touch Of Colour

The Colour options are a nice touch. Many people believe road bike tyres should be black and that is all. However, for people who want to add a little colour to their rubber, Continental have added a good range of options to suit most. The chosen colour sits as a stripe around the inner edge of the tyre wall, just above the wheel rim. We tested the Black/Reflex option which adds a thin reflective strip around the tyre wall. These are ideal for commuting with a 28mm or training and racing alike (if you ride with a 25mm). Sadly all of the other colour options only seem to come in a 23 mm but this should suit most riders.

Continental GP4000s II

Continental GP4000s II review Conclusion

So the Continental Tyres website states that their technology is constantly evolving and the Continental GP4000s II is an updated version of the GP4000s. We loved the previous tyre, there was something reassuringly satisfying about it. The concern with the new version was always going to be, have they changed to much in a bid to make it better? We are pleased to say ‘it appears not’! These tyres remain very fast, very grippy (technical term), and so far very hard wearing. The new colours and sizes can move these tyres from just being considered as a performance clincher, to being popular with commuters and social weekend riders as well. Yes their RRP is high but savings of around 30% or even 35% for twin packs should make them hard to resist when you need to think about replacements. The question now will be how will the competition respond?

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